Angelo Tomandl

- Professional harmonicist. Lessons, recordings and live performances -

Hi, Im Angelo Tomandl

I was born and raised in Peru and I have been lucky to work with great musicians both local and international. Here you will be able to see my work as a performer, session musician, composer, and teacher.

The Bay Area gave me a big opportunity to explore and learn different styles of music. I am always honored to participate in different music adventures live or studio a professional musicians like Nika Rejto (virtuosa flautist), Victoria Theodore (virtuosa Pianist), Janice Maxie Raid (amazing vocalist and pianist), D. Edward (percussionist and vocalist), Fantastic Negrito (Blues singer), Adley Penner(amazing guitar player), Omega Rae(amazingly soulful vocalist), among others.....

Upcoming Events



At: Bellota Spanish Restaurant in San Francisco
With: El Projecto Caminos (flamenco jazz)
Hour: 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.



At: El Rio in San Francisco
With: Sang Matiz
Hour: 3:00 p.m.


Over the years I have made good friends in music. I was lucky to be part of recordings, concerts, etc.

- - -

Concert Memorys